Billie Bradley at Treasure Cove

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Janet D. Wheeler 1928
  • The Explosion
  • Bombarded!
  • A Cry for Help
  • Battling for Life
  • About a Fortune
  • At the School
  • The Summons
  • A Message for Amanda
  • A Sailor's Yarn
  • Treasure Cove
  • Dreams
  • A Plot Revealed
  • A Great Ballgame
  • Crabs to the Crab
  • The Surprise
  • Mrs. Wellington Opp
  • Bodley Bay
  • The Treasure Hunt
  • The Sailor's Story
  • Vi Disappears
  • A Brave Rescue
  • The Clue at Last
  • A Threat
  • Ben Remembers
  • The Key
Billie Bradley, her brother, and their friends find themselves in another adventure! This time they meet an old sailor who has a map of Treasure Cove, one that contains the clue to where a vast treasure of gold, jewels, and expensive silks are buried. Let it be said that treasure hunting is not going to be as easy as we might wish. - Summary by KevinS

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