Bonnie May

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Louis Dodge 1916
  • The Intrusion of an Actress
  • A Momentous Decision
  • Mrs. Baron Decides
  • A Crisis
  • Bonnie May Opens the Door
  • Concerning a Frock
  • A Sunday Morning
  • Still Unclaimed
  • A Disappointing Performance
  • The White Elephant
  • How a Conveyance Came for Bonnie May—and How It Went Away
  • Relates To the Playing of Parts
  • A Mysterious Search Begins
  • Mr. Addis Receives Support
  • A Question of Reconstruction
  • Mrs. Thornburg Reveals a Secret
  • “A Kind of Duel”
  • Mrs. Baron Takes Up the Gauntlet
  • Bonnie May Looks Back
  • Concerning Laughter
  • An Exit and an Entrance
  • Baggot’s Play
  • Baron Comes Home on a Beer-Dray
  • Bonnie May Hides Something
  • Bonnie May Sees Two Faces at a Window
  • A Gathering in the Attic
  • What Happened in the Attic
  • After the Curtain Was Lowered
  • The Mansion in Shadow
  • “The Break of Day”
Bonnie May is a child raised in the theater. To her, the theater is real life, and she watches the conventions of society unfold as if she were watching a play. This novel was rejected by two publishers before being published in installments in a periodical. - Summary by LynneT

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