Celebration of Dialects and Accents, Vol 1 (The North Wind and the Sun)

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  • Flemish accent, slight
  • Irish accent
  • Australian accent
  • English accent, RP ('no regional accent')
  • Austrian accent (German)
  • Hungarian accent
  • Dutch accent
  • American accent, 'Air Force Brat'
  • English accent, South-East London
  • Chinese accent, Taiwan
  • English accent, 'honed-off' Black Country Accent
  • American accent, Upstate New York
  • New Zealand accent, Central North Island
  • American accent, South Carolina
  • Australian accent
  • English accent, mother tongue Dutch
  • American accent, Southern California
  • Chinese accent, Singaporean
  • American accent, Minnesota
  • Canadian accent, Newfoundland
  • German accent
  • American accent, Midwestern
  • American accent, West Central Pennsylvania
  • Australian accent, cultivated
  • Australian accent
  • English accent, neutral, southern
  • American accent, Southern Indiana
  • American accent, Texas
  • German accent
  • American accent, New York City
  • Northern Ireland accent
  • French accent
  • Australian accent, metropolitan
  • American accent, western
  • Australian accent
A celebration of all the wonderful dialects and accents found within the LibriVox community!

The goal being to record a 'phonetically relevant' text by as many volunteers as possible, and make this dialect/accent 'database' available to the world, by releasing the recordings into the public domain. (Summary by Délibáb)

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