Commentary on Genesis, Vol. 2: Luther on Sin and the Flood

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Martin Luther 1910
  • Introduction
  • Chapter IV. Part IV A
  • Chapter IV. Part IV B
  • Chapter IV. Part V A
  • Chapter IV. Part V B
  • Chapter IV. Part VI
  • Chapter IV. Part VI cont.
  • Chapter IV. Part VII A
  • Chapter IV. Part VII B
  • Chapter IV. Part VII C
  • Chapter V. Part I
  • Chapter V. Part II
  • Chapter V. Part III
  • Chapter V. Part IV
  • Chapter VI. Part I
  • Chapter VI. Part II A
  • Chapter VI. Part II B
  • Chapter VI. Part III
  • Chapter VI. Part IV A
  • Chapter VI. Part IV B
  • Chapter VI. Part V
  • Chapter VI. Part VI
  • Chapter VI. Part VII
  • Chapter VII. Part I
  • Chapter VII. Part II
  • Chapter VIII. Part I
  • Chapter VIII. Part II
  • Chapter VIII. Part III
  • Chapter IX. Part I
  • Chapter IX. Part II
  • Chapter IX. Part III. A
  • Chapter IX. Part III. B
  • Chapter IX. Part IV.
  • Chapter IX. Part V.
In his "Dear Genesis" Luther proved that the free Evangelical religion he taught was not new, but as old as the first book of the Bible, and that it does not consist in outward forms, organizations and pomp, but in true faith in Christ in our hearts and lives. Genesis contains the only historic records accessible of the first 2364 years of the 4004 years before Christ. It is worthy of study in our day as it was in the days of the Reformation. This, the second volume of Luther's great commentary on Genesis, ... covers chapters four to nine inclusive of Genesis. - Summary by J. N. Lenker

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