Cupid of Campion

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Francis J. Finn, S.J. 1916
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Before he becomes "Cupid of Campion" Clarence Esmond goes through a series of adventures quite equal in novelty to those in his favorite story-book "Treasure Island." In fact so many things happen—and such wonderful things—that the reader has difficulty in keeping up with the march of events. But as the Blessed Mother is the patroness of little Dora and of Clarence as well, it is not at all surprising that the tale ends beautifully for everybody except Pete, the gypsy—and even he does not meet as harsh a punishment as he deserved.

"Cupid of Campion" will take his place beside "Tom Playfair," "Percy Wynn," and the other fine, live boys that Father Finn made famous in his books. They are good company for Catholic boys—or for any manly, clean-hearted boys. (The Sacred Heart Review, 1917)

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