Kitty's Enemy: Or, The Boy Next Door

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Eleanora H. Stooke 1911
  • Chapter I. That Dreadful Boy
  • Chapter II. Tim's Revenge
  • Chapter III. Kitty Interviews Tim
  • Chapter IV. Making Amends
  • Chapter V. A Spoilt Plan
  • Chapter VI. Concerning the Covered Basket
  • Chapter VII. Kitty's Accident
  • Chapter VIII. Kitty is Mystified
  • Chapter IX. General Bewilderment
  • Chapter X. Snip Intrudes
  • Chapter XI. Kitty Asks Forgiveness of Tim
  • Chapter XII. Tim Entertains
  • Chapter XIII. A Regular Brick
  • Chapter XIV. Conclusion
This is the story of 10-year-old Kitty Glanville and her feud with Tim Shuttleworth, the young boy who lives next door to her family. Throughout the story, both Kitty and Tim learn valuable lessons about what true friendship means and how to not judge others prematurely. - Summary by Rachel Tevis

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