Legends of the Saints

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Mary Seymour 1876
  • The Mountain Flower; The Count and the Leper; The Child Mayer
  • The Prisoner's Chains; The Monk and the Bird; The White Thistle
  • The Mass of the Holy Child; Legend of St. Christine; A Legend of the Rosary
  • The King's Daughter; The Robin Red-Breast; Our Lady of Guadaloupe
  • Legend of St. Thomas; The Knight of Tratzberg; Legend of St. Christopher
  • The Monk's Vision; The Rose of Hildesheim; The Child of Mary
  • St. Francis and the Wolf; The Shrine of St. Georgenberg; Legend of St. Ursula
  • The Moss Rose; Legend of St. Nicholas; The Flowery Crowns
  • The Jewish Child; Legend of St. Anthony; The Christmas Rose
  • Sir Rodolph of Hapsburgh; The Friar's Warning; The Entrance to Heaven
  • Legend of St. Mary Magdalen; The Poor Shepherdess; Zamora's Wealth
  • The Wayside Beggars; The Nun's Beads; Charles King of Sicily
  • The Maiden's Vigil; the Hawthorne Tree; Legend of Einsiedeln
  • Legend of St. Gregory; The Little Novices; St. Patrick and the Two Princesses
  • The Holy Well; Legend of St. John the Evangelist; The Abbot John
  • The Snake; The Nun's Prayer; The Palm in the Desert
  • Legend of Evesham; Legend of St. Betteline; The San Grail
  • The Child in the Snow; Legend of St. Veronica; The Tyrolese Boys; The Idiot of Folgoet
Delightful children's book composed of fifty-five short Catholic legends. Included are stories of St. Nicholas, St. Christopher, St. Francis, and of course, Mary, Queen of All Saints, among many more. (Summary by Marie Christian)

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