Meditations and Prayers

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John Bradford 1848
  • Meditation on the Lord's Supper
  • A Brief Admonition Written by Master Bradford in a New Testament of a Friend of His
  • Prayer for the Presence of God
  • A Sweet Contemplation of Heaven and Heavenly Things
  • A Meditation of the Life Everlasting, the Place Where it Is, and the Incomparable Joys Thereof
  • Meditation of the Blessed State and Felicity of the Life to Come
  • Prayer for Deliverance from Trouble, Being a Godly Prayer Made by John Bradford
  • Prayer in the Time of Persecution
  • Paraphrase of Psalm 79
  • A Very Godly Prayer of One Standing at the Stake Ready to Be Burnt for Christ's Gospel's Sake
The writings of Bradford, as a chaplain and friend of Bishop Ridley, are of interest to all churchmen; and they embrace topics of deep import, which have more or less exercised the minds of devout believers in every period of the church of Christ. They fully justify the encomium of Foxe: ‘Sharply he opened and reproved sin; sweetly he preached Christ crucified; pithily he impugned heresies and errors; earnestly he persuaded to godly life’. They shew, ‘how godly he occupied his time, being prisoner; what special zeal he bare to the state of Christ’s church; what care he had to perform his office; how earnestly he admonished all men; how tenderly he comforted the heavy-hearted; how fruitfully be confirmed them whom he had taught.’ - Summary by Editor's Preface

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