Meteorology; or Weather Explained

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J. G. M'Pherson 1905
  • Introduction
  • The Formation of Dew
  • True and False Dew
  • Hoar-Frost
  • Fog
  • The Numbering of the Dust
  • Dust and Atmospheric Phenomena
  • A Fog-Counter
  • Formation of Clouds
  • Decay of Clouds
  • It Always Rains
  • Haze
  • Hazing Effects of Atmospheric Dust
  • Thunder Clears the Air
  • Disease Germs in the Air
  • A Change of Air
  • The Old Moon in the New Moon’s Arms
  • An Autumn Afterglow
  • A Winter Foreglow
  • The Rainbow
  • The Aurora Borealis
  • The Blue Sky
  • A Sanitary Detective
  • Fog and Smoke
  • Electrical Deposition of Smoke
  • Radiation from Snow
  • Mountain Giants
  • The Wind
  • Cyclones and Anti-Cyclones
  • Rain Phenomena
  • The Meteorology of Ben Nevis
  • The Weather and Influenza
  • Climate
  • The “Challenger” Weather Reports
  • Weather-Forecasting
Weather Explained: Fog, clouds, rain, haze, thunder, cyclones, dew point and how to count dust motes are just a few of the 35 topics covered in short, easy to read and understand chapters in this book published in 1905. (Summary by Phil Chenevert)

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