Mexico and the United States: a Story of Revolution, Intervention and War

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Frederick Starr 1914
  • Preface
  • The Centennial
  • The Centennial, continued
  • Aquiles Serdán
  • The Iron Hand
  • Aztec Mexico
  • The Conquest
  • Guadalupe
  • The Glorious Century - and After
  • A Village Priest
  • Struggle and Victory
  • Patriot and Traitor
  • Santa Anna
  • War with the United States
  • The Little Indian
  • Failure of Empire
  • Material Progress
  • After Diaz, What?
  • A Voice in the Wilderness
  • The New Gospel
  • The Story of the Madero Revolution
  • Indian Mexico
  • The House of Cards
  • Interim Government: De la Barra
  • Francisco I. Madero
  • Held up to Ridicule
  • Pascual Orozco
  • Zapatism
  • Anti-Americanism
  • The Nine Days' Battle
  • Huerta - and Wilson
  • Japan and Mexico
  • What Will Come?
  • Intervention
  • Leading Events in Mexican History
Starr, being an anthropologist and a historian, visited Mexico extensively. As he wrote this book, a highly disruptive, deadly revolution was taking place across the nation, so Starr attempts to explain the circumstances leading to that event. He begins with the Centennial of Independence, then delves into the country's history starting with the Aztecs, and up to present day (1914). The point of view from both countries protagonists is also discussed as historic events are described. He states that "the US and Mexico are different, yet they are neighbors.", and ends with "They should be friends." - Summary by Mario Pineda

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