Practical Advice to Young Persons Respecting Temptation and Sin

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Louis Gaston de Segur 1870
  • The Devil
  • Why the Devil Tempts Us
  • How the Devil Tempts Us
  • Which Are the Most Dangerous Temptations?
  • One Can Always Resist Temptation
  • How One Can Resist Temptation
  • How We Must Fight Against Temptation
  • Temptation Is Not Sin
  • Sin
  • When Sin Is Mortal
  • The State of Mortal Sin
  • What a Child Does Who Commits a Mortal Sin
  • How God Punishes Mortal Sin
  • What a Poor Child Ought to Do Who Has Had the Misery of Committing a Mortal Sin
  • Capital Sins
  • Venial Sin and Its Effects
  • How One Can Purify Oneself From Venial Sins & Conclusion
Msgr. Segur offers practical advice for Christians, young and old, who are struggling with temptation and sin. His clear and concise style makes this volume a valuable resource for all. This book is a must read for anyone seeking to navigate the challenges of living in a fallen world. - Summary by Marie Christian

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