Bobbsey Twins at Cherry Corners

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By Listen TheBook Posted on Jan 30, 2024
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Laura Lee Hope 1927
  • The Third Act
  • Mother's News
  • Dinah's Apple Cart
  • Scattered Berries
  • An Angry Peddler
  • Off to Cherry Corners
  • The Bumpity-Bump
  • The Fire Alarm
  • Cherries Everywhere
  • Nick in a Tree
  • Bert's Mud Bath
  • Upside Down
  • The Circus Train
  • A Missing Cake
  • A Strange Alarm
  • Bert's Watch
  • In the Mud Hole
  • Nick's Trick
  • Long Tails
  • What Nan Saw
  • Freddie's Engine
  • Catching the Monkeys
  • In the Old Tree
Excitement mounts as the Bobbsey twins learn they are going to spend several weeks of their summer vacation on their father's newly acquired cherry farm! Red Gate Farm does not disappoint. The children spend their days picking cherries, exploring the woods, and playing in the attic. Then, one morning, the two younger twins, Freddie and Flossie, insist that someone, or some thing, entered their rooms during the night, through their open windows. Shortly after that, small items began disappearing. Were these simple pranks? Or was something more sinister going on? (Summary by Martha Heaton)

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