Chemistry, Properties and Tests of Precious Stones

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John Mastin 1911
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Introductory
  • Chapter 2: The Origin of Precious Stones
  • Chapter 3: Physical Properties. A - Crystalline Structure
  • Chapter 4: Physical Properties. B - Cleavage
  • Chapter 5: Physical Properties. C - Light
  • Chapter 6: Physical Properties. D - Colour
  • Chapter 7: Physical Properties. E - Hardness
  • Chapter 8: Physical Properties. F - Specific Gravity
  • Chapter 9: Physical Properties. G - Heat
  • Chapter 10: Physical Properties. H - Magnetic and Electric Influences
  • Chapter 11: The Cutting of Precious Stones
  • Chapter 12: Imitations, and some of the Tests, of Precious Stones
  • Chapter 13: Various Precious Stones
  • Chapter 14: Various Precious Stones, continued
  • Chapter 15: Various Precious Stones, continued
This is a good basic introduction to gemstones and their analysis. Admittedly a lot of the scientific tests have been superseded, but the basic properties never change. The first part of the book concentrates on physical properties of most common gems, then outlines the cutting process and ends with several chapters on each of the gemstone families. A useful little book if you are interested in gems. - Summary by Kevin Green

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