Moon Terror

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Albert G. Birch 1923
  • Chapter I. The Drums of Doom
  • Chapter II. The Dictator of Destiny
  • Chapter III. The Sorcerers of China
  • Chapter IV. Dr. Gresham Takes Command
  • Chapter V. Beginning a Strange Voyage
  • Chapter VI. The Coasts of Mystery
  • Chapter VII. The Moon God's Temple
  • Chapter VIII. The Jaws of Death
  • Chapter IX. In the Sorcerers' Power
  • Chapter X. We Take Desperate Chances
  • Chapter XI. A Wild Night's Work
  • Chapter XII. The Voice of Science
  • Chapter XIII. Playing Our Final Card
Undecipherable radio signals are picked up all over the world leaving scientists baffled. Earthquakes begin to happen, oceans begin to rise and deserts begin to sink, all coinciding with the radio signals. While world leaders are meeting in Washington, a voice over the radio announces that he is the cause of the strange happenings and will destroy the world if he is not made Emperor of Earth. (Summary by Barry Eads)

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