Junior Classics Volume 1: Fairy and Wonder Tales

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William Allan Neilson, William Patten 1912
  • Preface
  • Manabozho, The Mischief Maker
  • The Woodpecker
  • Why the Diver Duck Has So Few Tail Feathers
  • Manabozho Changed to Wolf
  • Manabozho is Robbed
  • Manabozho and the Woodpeckers
  • The Boy and the Wolves
  • The Indian Who Lost His Wife
  • Punchkin
  • The Sun, Moon and Wind
  • Why the Fish Laughed
  • The Farmer and Money Lender
  • Pride Goeth Before a Fall
  • The Wicked Sons
  • Tiger, Brahman, and Jackal
  • The Lambikin
  • The Rat's Wedding
  • The Jackal and the Partridge
  • The Jackal and the Crocodile
  • The Jackal and the Iguana
  • The Bear's Bad Bargain
  • The Thief and the Fox
  • The Farmer and the Fox
  • The Fools and the Drum
  • The Lion and the Goat
  • The Glowworm and Jackdaw
  • The Camel and the Pig
  • The Dog and the Dog Dealer
  • The Tiger, Fox, and Hunters
  • The Sea, the Fox, and the Wolf
  • The Fox in the Well
  • Ashiepattle
  • The Squire's Bride
  • The Doll in the Grass
  • The Bear and the Fox
  • The Lad Who Went to the North Wind
  • The Husband Who Was to Mind the House
  • How One Went Out to Woo
  • Why the Bear is Stumpy-Tailed
  • Boots and the Princess
  • The Witch in the Stone Boat
  • The Snuffbox
  • The Golden Blackbird
  • The Half-Chick
  • The Three Brothers
  • The Glass Mountain
  • Huntsman the Unlucky
  • Story of Little Simpleton
  • The Golden Fish
  • The Wonderful Hair
  • The Language of Animals
  • The Emperor Trojan's Ears
  • The Maiden Who Was Wiser Than the King
  • The Three Sons
  • Hok Lee and the Dwarfs
  • A Dreadful Boar
  • The Five Queer Brothers
  • The Accomplished Teakettle
  • Adventures of Little Peachling
  • The Two Lizards
  • De King and De Peafowl
  • Hansel and Grethel
  • Thumbling
  • The Six Swans
  • Snow-White and Rose-Red
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Tinder-Box
  • The Constant Tin Soldier
  • The Fir Tree
  • The Flying Trunk
  • The Darning Needle
  • Pen and Inkstand
  • Cinderella
  • Little Red Riding-Hood
  • The Story of the Three Bears
  • Puss in Boots
  • Jack the Giant-Killer
  • Tom Thumb
  • Blue Beard
  • The Brave Little Tailor
  • The Sleeping Beauty
  • The Fair One with Golden Locks
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Hop-o'-My-Thumb
  • Goose-Girl, The
  • He Who Knew Not Fear
  • The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  • The Man, Boy, and Donkey
  • The Shepherd's Boy
  • Androcles
  • The Fox and the Stork
  • The Crow and the Pitcher
  • The Frogs Desiring a King
  • The Frog and the Ox
  • The Cock and the Pearl
  • The Fox Without a Tail
  • The Fox and the Cat
  • The Dog in the Manger
  • The Fox and the Goat
  • Belling the Cat
  • The Jay and the Peacock
  • The Ass and the Lap-Dog
  • The Ant and the Grasshopper
  • The Woodman and the Serpent
  • The Milkmaid and Her Pail
  • The Lion and the Mouse
  • Hercules and the Waggoner
  • The Lion's Share
  • The Fox and the Crow
  • The Dog and the Shadow
  • The Wolf and the Lamb
  • The Bat, Birds, and Beasts
  • The Belly and the Members
  • The Fox and the Grapes
  • The Swallow and the Birds
The purpose of The Junior Classics is to provide, in ten volumes containing about five thousand pages, a classified collection of tales, stories, and poems, both ancient and modern, suitable for boys and girls of from six to sixteen years of age. (summary from book introduction)

This collection consists of Volume 1 of The Junior Classics, and it contains many well known stories in their original forms. Among stories from other authors, you'll find Hans Christian Anderson, Aesop, and the Grimm brothers.

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