Iliad for Boys and Girls

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Alfred John Church 1907
  • Of How the War with Troy Began
  • The Quarrel
  • What Thetis Did for Her Son
  • The Duel of Paris and Menelaus
  • How the Oath Was Broken
  • The Great Deeds of Diomed
  • Concerning Other Valiant Deeds
  • Of Glaucus and Diomed
  • Hector and Andromache
  • How Hector and Ajax Fought
  • The Battle on the Plain
  • The Repentance of Agamemnon
  • The Embassy to Achilles
  • The Story of Old Phoenix
  • The Adventure of Diomed and Ulysses
  • The Wounding of the Chiefs
  • The Battle at the Wall
  • The Battle at the Ships
  • The Deeds and Death of Patroclus
  • The Rousing of Achilles
  • The Making of the Arms
  • The Quarrel Ended
  • The Battle at the River
  • The Slaying of Hector
  • The Ransoming of Hector & The End of Troy
Alfred J. Church wrote many books looking at classical literature, but is especially well known for his re-telling of classic books in a style so that younger readers may follow the story. The Iliad for Boys and Girls is a retelling of Homer’s Iliad, centred around the events of the siege of Troy during the final year. (Summary by Lizzie Driver)

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